As a private enterprise of international freight forwarding logistics in China, ESENG is constantly creating miracles of growth with brand-new development model and clear strategic objectives. Taking the main ports in China as the center, there are branches and overseas agency service network in the major countries of the world.


Signed strategic cooperation agreements with major international airlines and 11 airlines with 780 routes and nearly 5,000 flight resources.


The launch of a rail freight service from the Chinese city via the Alashankou border crossing in Xinjiang through Central Asia to Europe, ushered in a new era for freight on rail as an alternative to shipping by sea or air. China-Europe rail cargo transport has subsequently gained rapid traction, fueled by the rollout of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Inland Transportation

In cooperation with major domestic logistics companies, more than 5,000 vehicles are operated on the national bus lines. With the help of seven major operation centers in North China, East China, South China, Central China, Northeast China, Northwest China and Southwest China, modern sorting lines, loading and unloading machines and cage baskets are equipped to improve the efficiency of cargo sorting and ensure the efficient operation of cargo. 


One-stop customs clearance service, to provide export declaration/Import Customs clearance and inspection services, professional services, reasonable savings in import and export costs and time for you.


250,000 square meters of warehousing and distribution centers, equipped with advanced handling equipment, security equipment and operating system, to provide "total warehouse + sub-warehouse" integrated warehousing solution, more to meet the project customers "warehouse distribution integration" service needs.