Sea Service

国际海运的主要特点是成本低,时间长,适合出货量大的外单。 国际海运分两种方式: 1、海运集装箱(CY):一票一柜或一票多柜。 2、海运拼箱(CFS):三票以上集拼一个柜。 集装箱有下列几种类型: 1、20尺:大小是6*2.2*2.3,理论装30立方,实际装25—27CBM,18—23吨。 2、20尺加重:大小是6*2.2*2.3,理论装30立方,实际装25—27CBM,25—28吨。 3、40尺:大小是12*2.2*2.3,理论装60立方,实际装55—57CBM,18—23吨。 4、40尺加高:大小是12*2.2*2.8,理论装73立方,实际装68—70CBM,18—23吨。 以上为主要使用的柜型,其他的还有比较少用的45尺、凳仔柜、开顶柜、冷藏柜等等。

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we, as a carrier, make general contracting and subcontracting with direct customers and forwarders to provide transportation services for the shipments from domestic pick-up to overseas delivery , timely reflecting the goods flow, documents flow, information flow and cash flow, with the aim of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost.

Our ocean export services includes logistics solutions designing, space booking, documentation management, warehousing, labeling and marking, packing, loading, customs declaration, inspection and inwards cargo management before shipping, and pick-up, customs declaration, warehousing, transferring ,distribution and delivery after arrival.

Our ocean export services focus on FCL, along with LCL, sea-air transport, special container and other services to meet the speed and cost requirements of different customers.

The sea-air shipments transport through Korea or Dubai to the destination all over the world. The main ports for LCL include Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hamburg, South Hampton and  Le harve.

We realized EDI exchange with most shipping companies, which enables us to receive latest logistics information.


Our ocean import services provide general contracting and subcontracting for shipments from all over the world to the destination in China, and completely, accurately and timely reflect the condition and information of goods during the transportation period.

Our ocean import services include overseas pick-up, documents management, loading, customs declaration, domestic full container delivery, consolidation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, trans-clearance, and distribution.

We have ocean import consol qualification and a group of qualified and experienced customs declaration, inspection, transportation and warehousing specialists; our bonded truck along with the information system help cargos transport in bond and track conveniently and quickly.